About HC-Bats

HC-BATS is the result of my passion for baseball. Since childhood there was nothing more exciting for me, to stand in the batter ‘s box. Always choosing wooden bats over aluminium. When the wood hits the ball, the sound and feeling is amazing. A sensation that no words can describe.  

I always feel the challenge and excitement of the game, as well as the frequency of broken baseball bats!! Wooden bats  are prone to splitting and breaking after a relatively small amount of use.  At $100-$200+ per bat this is a costly requirement of the game. Back home in Cuba you always have to try to reduce your costs and as a woodworking hobbyist, I took the challenge upon myself to produce my own bats to offset some of the cost. I purchased a manual lathe; used my favourite bat as a template and was extremely pleased with the results!  

This sparked an idea and HC-Bats was born! . We now produce the best Maple, Ash and European beech bats in different  styles and finishes using only inspected by hand premium wood.

All of the bats being provided by HC-Bats can be customized to suit every player’s needs and preferences. You can choose from 200 colour combinations.  HC-bats is now working towards increasing production capabilities and looking to the future, we are passionate about reaching our goal of seeing our bats being swung by all baseball divisions and age groups across Europe and North America.

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